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Local Orkney SEO

I fell in love with an Orcadian and moved here. Now I want to support those businesses who want to thrive and show off the best that Orkney has to offer.
We have lived in Holm collectively for over 20 years and enjoy the food, drink and culture here.

Working with a local Orkney SEO consultant means that you get the best SEO knowledge to drive visibility and footfall, plus that local touch to understand what works here, and what doesn’t.

Your website is your virtual shop window – get more footfall for your Orkney business through optimising SEO online.

What SEO services do I offer?

  • Local SEO optimisation (Google My Business), 
  • Local Landing page support, 
  • keyword research, 
  • Audits (technical, SEO, Content),
  • Editing and publishing news and content to demonstrate your great products and service, 
  • Local Lead generation pages,
  • Local citation and link building
  • And more….

I am proactive and client driven. I will provide you with an outline of work tailored to your unique business needs, and make sure that you’re in good hands when navigating the digital marketing world.

I won’t just hide behind a screen – I am available for meetings, can provide video overviews of simple SEO tasks you can carry out yourself. And will always respond within 24 hours to your queries.

I can provide you with any level of support you require. This can be from simple SEO advice to full management of your website’s SEO needs.

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of optimising websites to improve their visibility on search engines.

If you’ve been running a business for a while, things might have felt simpler when advertising could be done ‘in the real world’.

But the digital space provides a huge opportunity for you to reach new potential customers before they’ve even set foot on Orkney. How? Through optimising your search engine ranking. Or in simple terms, getting your website to the top of Google’s search results!

What could SEO do for you? 

More people than ever are searching for businesses online, so it’s important that your virtual shop window is in order. I am an SEO expert with 10 years of experience. And I  can help you to increase footfall in your restaurant, promote your hardware shop, and even fill up your yoga classes on Orkney.

How does it work? 

If your website is your virtual shop window, ‘website traffic’ is the number of people who look through that window at what you have to offer. The more people look through your window, the more might choose to buy your service.

SEO helps your website to climb google search rankings, putting you in the prime position when potential customers search for services you offer. 

Google has a complex system for determining what web pages rank well on their search engine. Outpace your competitors by improving the quality of your web pages, and watch the business roll in. 

I can help you to tailor your website so that it’s more user and search engine friendly, creating a better experience for everyone overall and meaning that you don’t lose out on potential website traffic due to low search engine rankings.

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