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Go from yawn-worthy to yay-worthy with custom Looker Studio reports

Stop manually building reports in ugly excel sheets over and over and over again. Get robust, repeatable Looker Studio reports that always look good. Capture all the insights you need, cut your reporting time in half, and let your results speak for themselves. 


Work With Me

How Looker Studio reports benefit your business

Get all your data in one place

No more digging through a maze of tools trying to find juicy insights. Everything you need will be pulled into your Looker Studio.

Turn complex data into simple reports

Ditch data-induced headaches. Get Looker Studio reports that turns the insights you care about into easy visuals.

Tell powerful stories with data

Make your data more impactful with visually engaging reports. So you can tell the story behind the numbers and drive action.

Eliminate guesswork

Take the guesswork out of reporting with Looker Studio reports built to your exact needs and goals. So you can report on the insights that matter most.

Automate repeatable reports

Put reporting on repeat by effortlessly automating recurring reports. Let Looker Studio handle the routine so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Kyle provided everything we were looking for in a clear and concise format. Myself and my colleagues are already feeling more confident in using GA4 for our clients.


Level Up Your reporting

Here's everything you get

  • Discovery call to understand your reporting needs
  • 1 fully-templated (and branded) Looker Studio report
  • 3 rounds of edits (if needed)
  • Lifetime editor access
  • The sigh of relief knowing your reports will run on autopilot


per report

Kyle was super knowledgeable and knew the answer to every question that was asked. He also made it fun which can be hard with something so heavy and hard to process like GA4

Why work with me?

Here’s just a few of the things we can build…

Algorithm updates review

Keep a close eye on algorithm updates and how they impact your performance with an Algorithm Updates Review report.

Monthly performance report

Assess your digital performance across key metrics on a monthly basis and develop prioritised actions

Traffic overview report

Get an in-depth insight into your traffic in a snapshot with a traffic overview report, helping you clearly understand and communicate your traffic sources, activity, and conversions.


Need something different? I can build Looker Studio reports for almost anything! Whatever you need, I can build. And in the unlikely chance I don’t know how to build it, I’ll quickly figure it out.

Your go-to guy

For all things data

*record scratch* Yep that’s me, Kyle Rushton McGregor, speaking about my love for data at BrightonSEO’s MeasureFest 👉.

Here’s the thing… I’ve always had a soft spot for data and analytics.

There’s just something so satisfying about crunching numbers and turning complex data into simple visuals. It’s like solving a Rubik’s Cube for the first time (but cooler).

I’ve helped 100s of companies measure and optimise their performance through the Google ecosystem of GA4, Looker Studio, and GTM.

What if you could level up your GA4 skills in an afternoon?

(Hint: you can with this course!)

Make GA4 work smarter for your business

Bring me on board for all your GA4 needs. I’ve helped hundreds of marketers, agencies, and businesses take their analytics data to the next level. Now, let’s turn your data into

The exact integrations you need will depend on what data you are trying to capture. The good news is Looker Studio works with a wide range of Google and non-Google tools though which makes it pretty versatile.
Tell me what data you want to capture and I’ll let you know what integrations we’ll need to set up when building your report.

In short… almost anything!
I can build Looker Studio reports for all things marketing and business performance related such as website KPI tracking, core web vitals analysis, audience and visitor insights, google algorithm update reviews, and user acquisition monitoring (to name a few).
I’ve even used Looker Studio to build company timeline visualisations and send me a daily ‘gratitude’ report. The possibilities really are endless with Looker Studio!
Whether you want to keep an eye on performance and give stakeholders and clients a “top-level overview” or you want to dive deep into analytics and insights, I can help you build the best report for the job.
Tell me what report you need and I’ll tell you if I can build it. Not sure? No problem! We’ll figure it out together on the discovery call.

Once I’ve started building your Looker Studio report, I won’t be able to give a refund. I do, however, offer 3 rounds of edits so we can make sure your report does exactly what it needs to.


But, on the off chance, you don’t like your report, please tell me before we sign off the project. I offer 3 rounds of edits to make your report perfect for your needs.


I’m sure we can discuss training around getting the most out of Looker Studio. But don’t worry, with the Looker Studio report, I will provide a video overview that sets out exactly what you need to maximise the report


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