GA4 Power Hour

Pick my brains with a GA4 power hour

GA4 offers so many valuable insights and actions — but where do you start? How can you ensure you are maximising the opportunities available to you?
Tap into the expertise of a GA4 specialist (that’s me!) to get where you need to be.

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Get the best out of every stage of your Google Analytics experience.

From sparkling GA4 set-ups and actionable audits to analytics queries, tap into the expertise of a GA4 specialist with a power hour.

GA4 Setup

Want to run through setting up GA4, ensuring it’s configured correctly

GA4 Audit

Want to analyse how your GA4 property is performing?

Events & Conversions

Need support with setting up custom events and goals?

Report Customisation

Want to create a GA4 account that provides you with the data you need – no faffing!

GA4 Overview

Are you the lead in charge of GA4, but not sure where to start?

I worked with Kyle for the GA4 switchover – he…was just generally really kind and patient throughout. I’d definitely recommend Kyle if you’re looking for some analytics help.


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Nb If you’re not able to make payment, we can also discuss support through invoicing – but the process will take longer. Contact me for more details.


for a power hour

I have nothing but praise for Kyle and would happily recommend him to anyone looking for expert guidance on GA4 and GTM.

Why work with me?

4 reasons you'll benefit from a power hour

No more trawling the internet for answers — work with a GA4 expert to get the exact insights you need

The session is recorded so you'll have access to the insights afterwards

Learn from an expert who has been in the trenches of GA4

Upskill your GA4 knowledge so you can analyse sites with confidence

Why trust me with your precious time?

I have supported over 100 organizations with their GA4 migration and continue to provide consultancy and mentoring for GA4 projects. 

I’ve also created a successful GA4 course. 

I really enjoy connecting data and action, utilizing my background in SEO along with my knowledge of GA4 to offer insights and actions that make a significant impact on the bottom line.

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